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Beginner Yoga Deck

Beginner Yoga Deck


Leigh Marsden Yoga is thrilled to introduce a user-friendly resource that will make your home yoga practice more accessible and enjoyable. Specifically designed to be suitable for beginning practitioners, the Yoga Deck guides you through your practice with ease and flexibility.



Comprehensive Pose Information:

Each card includes a pose photo, name in English and Sanskrit, detailed instructions, modifications, and category, ensuring you have all the information you need at your fingertips.


Categorised Cards: The cards are organised into different categories to help you create a balanced sequence:

- Warm Up

- Standing

- Balance

- Back Bend

- Forward Fold

- Cool Down


Leigh provides several suggested sequences tailored for different durations and focuses, helping you to get started and find the perfect practice for your needs.


The A7 sized cards are compact and easy to handle, perfect for home use or taking with you on the go.


The cards come in a sturdy, durable container to keep them organised and protected. 40 cards per deck.

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