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Breathwork is a transformative practice that involves conscious control of the breath to achieve specific outcomes. At Leigh Marsden Yoga, we offer a variety of breathwork techniques, including diaphragmatic breathing, alternate nostril breathing, and continuous circular breathing.

Benefits of Breathwork

Experience reduced stress and anxiety, increased relaxation, enhanced focus and mental clarity, improved physical endurance, reduced pain and inflammation, better sleep quality, boosted immune function, and overall improved wellbeing through regular breathwork practice.

Incorporating Breathwork

Leigh seamlessly integrates breathwork into her yoga classes, retreats, and special events, blending traditional wisdom with modern practices for a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Breathwork Clinic at Leigh Marsden Yoga, detailing breathwork sessions in South Canterbury designed to enhance well-being

The Breath Clinic

Join Leigh for our specialised breathwork clinic, focusing on breathing retraining with physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Build breath control and capacity, manage stress and anxiety, improve mental alertness, and find support for long COVID recovery and chronic breath difficulties. Experience deep relaxation and discover the transformative power of conscious breathing.

1x month by appointment only

Breathwork Journey

Breathwork Journey is a transformational process, in which the breath is connected in a conscious, continuous cycle, which allows participants to achieve an altered state of consciousness, and to move energy and emotions through the body. Leigh provides a safe, nurturing breathwork journey experience, with live music and experienced facilitators to help you gain the most out of your experience. 

1:1 appointments

Ready to Breathe Better?

Explore the transformative power of breathwork and discover how conscious breathing can enrich your life. Join us for classes, retreats, and special events to experience the profound benefits of breathwork firsthand.

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